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Waterfront Revitalization

In September, CLC will present the first draft of its plan to the public and it will then be submitted to the Sud-Ouest Borough for approval. The former postal facility building will be deconstructed, according to sustainable development principles, including the reuse of recyclable materials. The 1500 Ottawa Street property is approximately 23.5 acres (9.5 hectares), and is comprised of land and one 650,000 ft2 (60,387 m2) building. Constructed in 1978 by the Canada Post Corporation (CPC) to house its sorting office, the building has been vacant since 2003.

About Montreal’s Harbourfront

Just like many other big cities that lay close to water spaces, Montreal has a big harbourfront with ships coming and going every moment. But this one is quite different than many others, because it does not only have a good sight on the sea and ships, but also on the whole city.

The Montreal Harbourfront is one of the best build and modern places in Montreal, it is much like a park with cafes, restaurants, places to chill and paths to explore. But since 2009 Canada put much money and effort into building this area and making it, not only a wanted place to live, but also a must - visit location for everyone who visits the city.

Taking an important step into Montreal's future

But why do we need this area to develop and take its full glory once again? That is because, Montreal Harbourfront has played a key role in Canada's economic and industrial development. During the industrial revolution, it has been the most important place in Quebec and takes therefore the main role in the country's political, social and economic history.

The whole country was proud to announce that the whole area of the Montreal Harburfront will be renovated and put in the shape and condition it was back in the day. But an even more proud moment was, when that became true and this important part of the history was once more open to all the tourists and locals who want to see and enjoy this place.

The authorities have declared to keep the waterfront of the city in a good shape and to take care it never gets in bad condition again. The citizens also want this to happen and make sure they keep this area clean and beautiful, planning much more green spaces and planting trees in the whole area.