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Waterfront Revitalization

In September, CLC will present the first draft of its plan to the public and it will then be submitted to the Sud-Ouest Borough for approval. The former postal facility building will be deconstructed, according to sustainable development principles, including the reuse of recyclable materials. The 1500 Ottawa Street property is approximately 23.5 acres (9.5 hectares), and is comprised of land and one 650,000 ft2 (60,387 m2) building. Constructed in 1978 by the Canada Post Corporation (CPC) to house its sorting office, the building has been vacant since 2003.

Fun facts about Montreal

One of the most beautiful places and the most incredible one, for sure, in Canada is Montreal, so make sure to visit it on your next trip to this part of the American continent. As every other big and important place, Montreal has also some fun facts, so let's talk about them now.

This is actually an island, long 30 miles and located between the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers. But don't worry there are 15 bridges, the Montreal harbourfront and even a tunnel connecting it to the rest of Quebec and Canada.

Paris is of course the biggest and most beautiful French speaking city in the world, but Montreal is the second one. The town is also very similar to the European beauty in many other ways. It lands on one more second place, this time after New York, because it has the second largest number of restaurants per capita in the world.

It even has an underground space, called the Underground City and it's basically a huge shopping centre and everything what goes together with it. Huge numbers come also when you count the length of bike routes in the city, which are in total 500 kilometers long. But even if you don't like bikes you will be able to travel around, because there are more than 4,5 thousand taxis there. A really interesting fact is that the sister city of Montreal is Hiroshima.

Human have been living in this area for almost 10 thousand years now, but there are not many things left from the earlier periods. Considering its beauty and a wide range of architectural styles it is not a surprise to know that the it is an UNESCO city of design. It is weird that one of the most visited and interesting places is actually the Montreal harbourfront, which was renovated in 2009.

Snow can be found for 60 days during the year and the temperatures can go as low as 35 degrees Celsius. So make sure to visit it when it is the hottest, which would be June, July or even August.