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Waterfront Revitalization

In September, CLC will present the first draft of its plan to the public and it will then be submitted to the Sud-Ouest Borough for approval. The former postal facility building will be deconstructed, according to sustainable development principles, including the reuse of recyclable materials. The 1500 Ottawa Street property is approximately 23.5 acres (9.5 hectares), and is comprised of land and one 650,000 ft2 (60,387 m2) building. Constructed in 1978 by the Canada Post Corporation (CPC) to house its sorting office, the building has been vacant since 2003.

Montréal´s New Harbourfront

What's happening at the Harbourfront?

CLC bought the property from Canada Post in 2007. The current zoning is industrial and commercial. CLC has carried out preliminary work on the site, which involved consultation with the main participants: the City of Montréal, Sud-Ouest Borough, and local community groups. This work was the first stage in the visualization and redevelopment process. The preliminary work plan has been initiated, with the aim of creating an overall development plan for the site by fall 2008.

Le Vieux-Port de Montréal occupe deux kilomètres de berge, sur le port de Montréal, et accueille plus de sept millions de visiteurs par an. Grâce à son ambiance de parc, le Vieux-Port est très fréquenté par les citadins et les visiteurs qui peuvent s’y adonner au vélo, au patin à roues alignées, de même qu’à la navigation de plaisance. La société poursuivra son programme de prestation d’activités culturelles et de services touristiques, tout en restant un des grands acteurs du développement économique de Montréal.

Depuis longtemps, le Havre de Montréal comprend des propriétés de la Couronne non aménagées ou sous-utilisées. Le gouvernement du Canada vient de confier à la Société immobilière du Canada (SIC) le mandat de réaliser un réaménagement planifié des propriétés en question. En collaborant étroitement avec divers intervenants, la SIC réalise le Nouveau Havre de Montréal, un endroit exceptionnel en milieu urbain, où les Montréalais pourront habiter, travailler et se détendre. Le Conseil municipal de la Ville de Montréal a adopté, le 25 août 2009, le règlement et l’accord de développement autorisant le projet immobilier Les Bassins du Nouveau Havre développé par la Société immobilière du Canada (SIC).Le site Les Bassins du Nouveau Havre est la première propriété faisant partie de l’initiative intitulée le Nouveau Havre de Montréal à être aménagée. Pour plus d’information sur le réaménagement. In the 1800s, Irish workers lived in this area and contributed to building the Victoria Bridge, known at that time as the world's longest bridge.

The Lachine Canal Sector, also known as the Peel Basin, is located at the entrance of the Lachine Canal, northwest of Bridge Street. It includes the Wellington and Tate Basins. An important part of Montréal’s history, the Lachine Canal was built to bypass nearby rapids, which were hindering trade on the St. Lawrence River. From its opening in 1825 to its closure in 1970, the Lachine Canal made an important contribution to Montréal's urban and industrial development by expanding navigation on the St. Lawrence River. Between 1997 and 2002, the Government of Canada and City of Montréal invested $100 million to reopen the Lachine Canal to recreational boating, catalyzing the revitalization of Montréal’s southwest area. The Lachine Canal sector boasts spectacular views of Old Montréal and the downtown core and the site has excellent development opportunities.

Things to do in Montreal

Speaking French won't help you get around in almost every part of the American continent, but that does not count for Quebec. It is a small part of Canada located just around Montreal and has more things in common with France and Europe than any other part of Canada and the whole continent. However, it is a good place to visit, with many things to see, a low crime rate and genuinely nice and welcoming people.

Always visit the old part of the city, called the Old Montreal. The architecture is quite special there and reminds of Paris. Many people decide to go walking there, spend a couple of hours in the morning running or go in the evening to take a ride on a horse carriage. You can see the Notre - Dame Basilica there which is an architectural masterpiece, so don't miss it under any circumstances. When you get tired of all the walking you can take a rest in one of the cozy restaurant or cafes, but a much better place for that would be the Botanical Garden. It can be found close to the old city and the Montreal harbourfront, as well, and since it has wifi coverage, you won't need to miss any Live Sex Chat time while staying there. That way you will enjoy the incredible nature and stunning flowers and chat with beautiful ladies at the same time. To prove that this is a place of nature like no else in Canada, they have build a nature centre with 4 ecosystems. It is called the Montreal Biodome and is open to visitors during the whole week.

Explore every part of the incredible city

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Musee d'art contemporain de Montreal is also a must - visit location for everyone who loves art and architecture, as well as the Montreal Biosphere. Since this is a huge city and full of places, buildings, parks and other unique locations, there is no chance we can fit them all here, so be sure to hold your eyes wide open. Ask the Live Sex Chat girl if she knows any places, the locals are always those who know best where and when to go.